God’s Arrow Against Atheists – Henry Smith (1550-1591)


Henry Smith was one of the greatest fathers of Puritanism in the 16th century. This work against atheism was one of his most popular and utterly destroys paganism, Islam and Roman Catholicism. This newly typeset book is not to be missed by lovers of Puritanism and God’s truth!


God’s Arrow Against Atheists, by Henry Smith (1550–1591)

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Henry Smith (ca. 1550–1591?) was an English clergyman, widely regarded as “the most popular Puritan preacher of Elizabethan London.” His sermons at St. Clement Danes drew enormous crowds, and earned him a reputation as the “Silver Tongued Preacher”. His collected sermons were among the most frequently reprinted religious writings of the Elizabethan age, especially this work “God’s Arrow Against Atheists.”

In this book Smith argues that Christianity is the only true religion. He battles paganism, Islam and Roman Catholicism, and demonstrates why each of these is not only self-defeating, but a lie of the devil. He quotes from numerous sources with dozens of footnotes and eloquently, as the silver tongued preacher that he is, reduces all arguments against God, Jesus Christ and the Bible to absurdity. This is a classic work that should not be missed!