Acquainted With God – James Janeway (1636-1674)


Are acquainted with God? Janeway demonstrates that this is not simply knowing about God, but an experimental knowledge of God. Powerful teaching by an eminent Puritan.


Acquainted With God, by James Janeway (1636-1674)

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This book by James Janeway (1636–1674) was published in 1670. Janeway is best-known for his two most popular works, “A Token for Children” (in which Cotton Mather praised the volume and then wrote a version called “A Token for the Children of New England”) and also this present work, “Heaven Upon Earth: Jesus, The Best Friend in the Worst Times.” He was among the signers of the 1673 Puritan Preface to the Scottish Metrical Psalter. He suffered melancholy, but walked by faith and not by sight, and died at the age of thirty-eight of tuberculosis.

The work has been modernized and published here as “Acquainted with God,” being the chief doctrine and text of the work itself which Janeway teaches his readers. He presses his readers to be “Acquainted with God” through His Son Jesus Christ. This “acquaintance” is not a mere speculative knowledge of God, but an experimental knowledge which gives God’s people unspeakable happiness throughout eternity, and a life that’s filled with the holy love of God. Being acquainted with God means that people may have, as their friend, the Savior Jesus Christ.