About Puritan Publications

Puritan Publications is a Christian book publisher whose mission is to see the world spiritually arrested by the Gospel of Jesus Christ, for the glory of God.

In republishing the best expositions of Scripture, our aim is to carefully choose the finest writers and works of the 17th century, many of which have never been published by anyone until now. We focus on republishing the Puritans of the Westminster Assembly, and other like-minded ministers of the era, that offer the reader the ability to gain a deeper communion with Jesus Christ. Currently we have over 62 authors by the Assembly in print; and we have published over 230 individual volumes. What makes our books not only valuable to the soul, but unique, is that they are also updated into modern English for easy reading, (without losing the intention of the author). Our motto is to, “expand the kingdom of God one book at a time.”

Puritan Publications came about as a necessary corollary of A Puritan’s Mind. A Puritan’s Mind was founded in 1997 as an internet website to expose the Christian community to works written by godly pastors and theologians from the 17th century. Puritan Publications was founded in 2005 with the purpose of distributing these biblical, sound, Reformed, experiential preachers and writers in a readable form both in print and in eBooks.

One of our best works is the 1647 Westminster Confession available in its original form (unedited and in its entirety including the subordinate standards).