Puritan Preaching in England – by John Brown (1830-1922)


Visit old England and the preachers of the day. Brown chooses choice selections for you to read about those who made Protestantism possible just before the time of the Reformation, up and through the time of the Puritans.


Puritan Preaching In England, By John Brown (1830-1922)

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John Brown’s purpose for writing this preachers’ gem is to help ministers gain some practical guidance and spiritual stimulus as fervent preachers, by going back with him into the past to visit with Puritan Preaching and Preachers. He surveys those preachers who have laid more stress upon Scripture than upon ecclesiastical institutions. Such men there were even before the days of that Protestantism out of which Puritanism came. He follows the Preaching Friars of the Middle Ages, and such men as John Wickliffe and John Colet, who made Protestantism possible, before reaching Puritanism proper. He also gives some examples of more recent preachers (just before his own day) of those that carried the Puritan persuasion of experimental preaching into their own generations.

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