Peter Ramus and the Educational Reformation of the Sixteenth Century – by Peter Graves


People have asked, “What is Ramean Logic?” The Puritans were “Ramists” in their logical approach. This turn of the century work highlights the educational reformer Peter Ramus and his contributions in logic to the Reformation and Puritanism. A MUST read for those who love the Reformation.


Peter Ramus and the Educational Reformation of the Sixteenth Century, by Peter Graves

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It is difficult to understand why Peter Ramus has been so much neglected by writers upon the sixteenth century. He was probably the foremost French philosopher of his century, and he stands well among the great educators, effective orators, and lofty characters of the world’s history. He was a Christian professor and Calvinist that played a major part not only in the Reformation, but in the transformation of education in his day, and subsequently afterwards. In treatises written in English he is barely mentioned, and there scarcely exists anywhere a complete account of his achievements that includes an analysis of his works. Graves originally wrote this work to highlight Ramus and his contributions. This edition has been updated and revised to add more notes and correct some errors previously found in the first edition.

Oftentimes people ask about the logic that Puritanism adhered to because they hear “Ramean Logic” as a description of their thought process. Ramus is the man behind formulating that process of logic and this book is an excellent outline to what Ramean Logic and Puritan Apologetics in this light is all about.