The Holy Fire of Zeal and Other Works – Samuel Ward (1577-1653)


Do you have the holy fire of zeal as a Christian? Is Christ your “all”? Do you hold steadfast to the “Balm of Gilead?” Do you live a life of “faith”? Samuel Ward (1577-1653) was a powerful puritan preacher in his day. This is first time his works are reproduced in over 400 years.


The Holy Fire of Zeal and Other Works, by Samuel Ward (1577-1653)
With a Memoir of the Author by J.C. Ryle

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Samuel Ward (1577-1653) is a Puritan unknown to most readers of English theology today. Most of his writings are not available; the ones which have been collected in this volume have not been reprinted for almost two hundred years. Ward’s life was spent in Suffolk, England and he seldom left his own pulpit in St Mary-le-Tower, Ipswich. His time was spent in preaching, and writing occasionally. The merits of these writings were highly thought of in times past (such as in the day when the first reprint took place in the time of J.C. Ryle), and have received the recommendation from very competent judges such as Fuller and Doddridge. Doddridge comments that Ward in his preaching and writing was proper, elegant, well thought out, and happily illustrated.

Samuel Ward’s works contained in this volume are his most valuable, such as “A Coal from the Altar: the Holy fire of Zeal,” “Balm from Gilead to Recover Conscience,” and “Jethro’s Justice of the Peace,” as well as his treatises on the “Life of Faith,” and the “Life of Faith in Death,” among others. Ward’s regular purpose in preaching was to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ as high as possible, to cast down man’s pride, to expose the sinfulness of sin, to spread out broadly and fully the remedy of the gospel, to awaken the unconverted sinner and alarm him, to build up the true Christian and comfort him in Christ.

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