The Sermons of William Spurstowe (1605-1666)


Like his work, “The Wells of Salvation Opened”, the wells of Spurstowe’s ability in preaching and exhorting is almost unparalleled in these sermons on death, duty, eternity and more. These are all his sermons available to be printed.


The Sermons of William Spurstowe, by William Spurstowe (1605-1666)

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William Spurstowe (1605–1666) was an English, Calvinistic minister, theologian, and member of the Westminster Assembly. He was one of the Smectymnuus group of Presbyterian ministers, who went on to provide core leadership for the anti-episcopal forces in the Church of England, continuing into the Westminster Assembly, where they also opposed the Independent movement.

This work is a compilation of Spurstowe’s available sermons. These sermons are eminently practical, highly spiritual and demonstrate Spurstowe’s ministerial ability to be a powerful preacher for Christ and His kingdom. There are two funeral sermons, one on dealing with death not being a stumbling block for Christians, taken from Psalm 1:15, and one on the reward of faithful believers being as a crown of life given in heaven, taken from Rev. 2:10 (which sermons are worth the cost of this volume alone). Also contained in this work are his sermons before the Parliament and the Westminster Assembly, as well as his sermon on the magistrate’s duty before God.

This is not a scan or a facsimile, but a newly typeset work updated and made easily readable.