The Spiritual Chemyst, or Divine Meditations on Several Subjects – by William Spurstowe (1605-1666)


Spend 60 days in a devotional with one of the greatest Westminster Puritans. This is the last available work by Spurstowe in print and is a spiritual treasure.


The Spiritual Chemyst, or Divine Meditations on Several Subjects, by William Spurstowe (1605-1666)

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William Spurstowe (1605–1666) was an English, Calvinistic minister, theologian, and member of the Westminster Assembly. He was one of the Smectymnuus group of Presbyterian ministers, who went on to provide core leadership for the anti-episcopal forces in the Church of England, continuing into the Westminster Assembly, where they also opposed the Independent movement.

This unique work is a 60 day puritan devotional. It houses 60 short meditations on various subjects that pull in both scripture and spiritual insight into their biblical comparisons; like the morning dew that is likened to the grace of God that descends in bounty each day for the good of his people. Spurstowe spent years developing these 60 devotional readings which cover everything from grace, to holiness, to justification, prayer, diligence, redemption and the majesty of God. The entries are continually magnificent in their employment of God’s grace and the work of Jesus Christ. In the preface, the original publisher said that such writings of Spurstowe were “holy flights of the soul” reaching up to heaven to taste of Christ at the right hand of God the Father. This is a rare puritan gem that should not be missed!

This is not a scan or a facsimile, but a newly typeset work updated and made easily readable in modern English. It also has an active table of contents.

Table of Contents:
[Original Title Page] 6
MEDITATION 1: On a Mote in the Eye 21
MEDITATION 2: On a Piece of Battered Plate 23
MEDITATION 3: On the Galaxia or Milky Way 25
MEDITATION 4: On a Picture and a Statue 27
MEDITATION 5: On a Graft 29
MEDITATION 6: On a Glass without a Foot 31
MEDITATION 7: On the Sight of a Lily and a Violet 33
MEDITATION 8: On a Crumb Going the Wrong Way 36
MEDITATION 9: On Two Lights in a Room 38
MEDITATION 10: On Building After Fires 40
MEDITATION 11: On the Torrid Zone 43
MEDITATION 12: On Strength and Length in Prayer 46
MEDITATION 13: On the Morning Dew 49
MEDITATION 14: On a Pearl in the Eye 52
MEDITATION 15: On Spiritual and Bodily Sickness 55
MEDITATION 16: On a Lamp and a Star 57
MEDITATION 17: On a Chancery Bill 59
MEDITATION 18: On the Philosopher’s Stone 62
MEDITATION 19: On a Greek Accent 65
MEDITATION 20: On a Debauched Minister 68
MEDITATION 21: On the Golden Calf and the Brazen serpent 72
MEDITATION 22: On the Circulation of Blood 76
MEDITATION 23: On a Multiplying Glass 79
MEDITATION 24: On Gravity and Levity 82
MEDITATION 25: On False Mediums 85
MEDITATION 26: On the Royal Oak 89
MEDITATION 27: On the Weapon Salve 95
MEDITATION 28: On the Rudder of a Ship 100
MEDITATION 29: On the Balsam Tree 105
MEDITATION 30: On the Palpitation of the Heart 110
MEDITATION 31: On the Shadow of a Man 113
MEDITATION 32: On the Molting of a Peacock 116
MEDITATION 33: On a Pleasure Boat 120
MEDITATION 34: On the Putting out of a Candle 124
MEDITATION 35: On a Prison 127
MEDITATION 36: On the Motion of the Sun on the Dial 131
MEDITATION 37: On a Sundial and a Clock 135
MEDITATION 38: On the Payment of a Peppercorn 138
MEDITATION 39: On the Bucket and the Wheel 143
MEDITATION 40: On Banishment 147
MEDITATION 41: On the Breast and the Sucking-bottle 152
MEDITATION 42: On Mixtures 157
MEDITATION 43: On Time and Eternity 161
MEDITATION 44: On a Physician’s Feeling the Pulse 168
MEDITATION 45: On a Beehive and Wasp’s Nest 172
MEDITATION 46: On Contentment and Satisfaction 176
MEDITATION 47: On the Perching of a Piece of Cloth 181
MEDITATION 48: On the Sight of a Grave Newly Made 186
MEDITATION 49: On a Spring in a High Ground 192
MEDITATION 50: On the Vanity of Wishes 197
MEDITATION 51: On First Fruits and Gleanings 203
MEDITATION 52: On a Rock 209
MEDITATION 53: On a Counterfeit Piece of Coin 214
MEDITATION 54: On Health of Body and Peace of Conscience 220
MEDITATION 55: On a Looking Glass 226
MEDITATION 56: On Going Up a High Mountain 232
MEDITATION 57: On the Bible 239
MEDITATION 58: On the Spiritual Warfare 247
MEDITATION 59: On Going to Bed 253
MEDITATION 60: On the Natural Heat and Radical Moisture 259