The Wells of Salvation Opened – by William Spurstowe (1605-1666)


This work is foundational to the basics of the Bible and of the Christian Religion. Dr. Joel Beeke said, “it may well be the best book ever written on the promises of God.” This book is a MUST READ for every Christian looking to understand God’s promises and the Gospel.


The Wells of Salvation Opened, by William Spurstowe (1605-1666)

“The Wells of Salvation Opened…may well be the best book ever written on the promises of God.” Dr. Joel Beeke, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary

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William Spurstowe (1605–1666) was an English, Calvinistic minister, theologian, and member of the Westminster Assembly. He was one of the Smectymnuus group of Presbyterian ministers, who went on to provide core leadership for the anti-episcopal forces in the Church of England, continuing into the Westminster Assembly, where they also opposed the Independent movement.

This work is one of the most valuable Puritan works ever written on any subject. It comprises the biblical teaching on the promises of God. It is, by far, the best treatment outside of Scripture on the subject. Spurstowe uses 2 Peter 1:4 as his main text, “Whereby are given to us exceeding great and precious promises…” Every Christian is to stand firm on the promises that God has laid down in Scripture concerning his covenant and his Son Jesus Christ. There is a right use and a wrong use to these promises and Spurstowe, in a gentle and amiable style leads us through them all in order to enrich our faith in Christ, and cause us to esteem the value of Christ and His grace greater than anything else in the world.

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