A Brief Description of Heretics – by Ephraim Pagitt (1575-1647)


Heresy in the church is exceedingly destructive. This work is a wonderful summation of many of the heresies that have plagued the church throughout history, as well as in our own day. Added to this work is also Obadiah Sedgwick’s sermon on “The Nature and Danger of Heresies.”


A Brief Description of Heretics, by Ephraim Pagitt (1575-1647)

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Ephraim Pagitt (1575-1647) was a puritan, Presbyterian divine, Reformed theologian and preacher of the Gospel.

This work is one of Pagitt’s most famous and was originally written in over 400 pages (the longer version). This abridged version describes the most important aspects of various heresies, and was republished after the longer work was circulating. Pagitt succinctly covers heretical groups such as the Jesuits, Socinians, Arminians, Anabaptists, Pelagians, Seperatists and many others. At the end of the work is attached a public “ordinance” which the magistrate enforced on any heretics of the day.

Obadiah Sedgwick (1600-1658) was a puritan preacher, Presbyterian divine, Reformed theologian and member of the Westminster Assembly.

Added to this current volume is this very important sermon on what the bible teaches concerning heresy. Sedgwick explains the nature of heresy (and defines what is and is not heresy), the danger of heresy, the greatness of the danger of heresies, and then concludes with three uses in application.

This is not a scan or facsimile, has been updated in modern English for easy reading and has an active table of contents for electronic versions.

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