The False Teacher Tried and Cast – by John Brinsley (1600-1665)


False teachers abound throughout church history. Today they are more prevalent than ever. Brinsley helps us make note of what is a false teacher, and how to try teachers to see if they are true or false. This is an important work for our day and age.


The False Teacher Tried and Cast, by John Brinsley (1600-1665)

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John Brinsley (1600-1665), the younger, was a Presbyterian puritan divine who was a powerful Reformed Gospel preacher and writer.

Brinsley masterfully expounds Revelation 2:2, “And thou hast tried them which say they are Apostles, and are not, and hast found them liars.” He covers the context of the message and action of God against false teachers. He shows why many people are lead astray by false teachers, how they ought to try false teachers, the danger of being deceived, various uses and applications of the doctrine, and exhortations to stay away from false teachers. He also demonstrates how one should try false teachers by their ordinary calling, by their doctrine and by their lives.

As important as this topic was in Brinsley’s day, it is more important today with the rise of the popular television preachers as well as the internet. False teachers and armchair theologians are a dime a dozen, and they can deceive the church by flooding the media with teaching videos or simply by blogging on their website. The Christian must be well armed against such lies which weaken the church’s mission and water down the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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