A Biblical Response to Superstition, Will-Worship and the Christmas Holiday – by Daniel Cawdrey (1588-1664)


So, is Christmas “OK” for a Christian? Or is it really man’s invention, and superstition? Daniel Cawdrey, Westminster Divine, gives you a hard hitting but scholarly answer to this often difficult topic.


A Biblical Response to Superstition, Will-Worship and the Christmas Holiday, by Daniel Cawdrey (1588-1664)

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Daniel Cawdrey (1588-1664) was an astute and learned Presbyterian minister during the golden age of Puritanism. He was called, “a man of great consideration, eminently learned, and a noted member of the assembly of divines.” He became one of the leading members of the Westminster Assembly appointed by parliament in 1643 for the regulation of religion, and wrote vigorously on church government and biblical worship.

In this work, Cawdrey exegetically and biblically demonstrates that worship to God is accomplished through God’s prescription alone. Anything less is man’s invention which leads to superstition and will-worship. He ably defends the regulative principle of worship (that God alone determines the manner in which sinners are to approach him) and demonstrates that even the holiday of Christmas, in the manner that people use it as a “holy day,” is in fact filled with superstition, and must be considered will-worship. This is a powerful and scholarly treatise on holding steadfastly to God’s prescribed manner of worship, and an exhortation to throw out all man-made inventions that hinder communion with God.

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