Salvation in a Mystery – by John Bond (1612-1676)


God is a hidden God and in the midst of his hiddenness he reveals himself savingly in Christ. This is a wonderful work by a Westminster divine on reformation and salvation.


Salvation in a Mystery, by John Bond (1612-1676)

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John Bond (1612-1676) was a Calvinistic puritan divine. In 1643 he became a member of the Westminster Assembly of divines, and in December 1645 succeeded to the mastership of the Savoy. He wrote numerous works, and preached often before the assembly.

In this work Bond expounds Isaiah 45:15, “Verily, thou art a God that hides thyself, O God of Israel the Savior.” He shows how God is a “hidden” God, and that in strange circumstances, mysterious circumstances, God shows Himself to be the only Savior. Bond teaches that God’s great salvation of His people, especially their rescue from Babylon, are commonly carried on in a mystery. Such a “mystery” is necessary, 1. For the Lord’s greater glory; 2. For His people’s greater good; and 3. For his enemies’ greater confusion.

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