The True Psalmody – by Various Reformed Ministers


Do you worship the Living God in a manner He deems acceptable? Or is it according to men’s inventions? Hear what the covenanters had to say about it.


The True Psalmody, by The Reformed Ministers

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Worship to God is of primary importance. God has determined what that worship should be like, and what will honor Him. God alone determines the manner in which sinners are to approach him. And that means he particularly directs his people to worship him “answerable to his character.”

The Reformed Presbyterian Ministers of the 19th century in America have brought together in one volume a fantastic compilation of the best information in their day about what is to be used in singing during corporate worship. The Scottish ministers shortly after, having received this work in their own day well after its first publication, heartily recommended it in their multiple introductory notes.

The book deals with the application of the Regulative Principle in singing to God during corporate worship. The theological outcome of such a study dictates the manner in which a Christian may lawfully WORSHIP THE LIVING GOD. We are not speaking about secondary issues, or non-essentials. We are speaking about WORSHIP.

The topic is profoundly practical and will press Christians to consider their current position on worship, and the singing of Psalms as a manual of praise to King Jesus.

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