The Guard of the Tree of Life, a Discourse on the Sacraments – by Samuel Bolton (1606-1654)


When you participate in any ordinance of God, you draw near to him, or you offend him. Samuel Bolton shows that drawing near to God should be a solemn and holy act each time the Christian partakes of the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper. A rare treatise by a Westminster Divine.


The Guard of the Tree of Life, a Discourse on the Sacraments, by Samuel Bolton (1606-1654)

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Samuel Bolton, D.D. (1606-1654) was a Westminster divine and Puritan scholar, and has been praised by many of contemporaries as a great reformed preacher as well as a humble Christian. Dr. Edmund Calamy preached his funeral sermon when Bolton died after a prolonged illness.

This rare work by Bolton is what he calls a sacramental discourse on sanctifying God’s name in the coming to and participation in (particularly) of the Lord’s Supper; though his exposition is applicable to any of God’s ordinances. From Leviticus 10:3, Bolton explains three key doctrines: 1. That they who have anything to do with any ordinance of God, draw near to God. 2. That they who draw near to God in any ordinance, must sanctify God in it. 3. That if we do not sanctify God in an ordinance, he will be sanctified on us. Bolton makes application of how faith works, how repentance works and how to have a holy reverence of God and his ordinances. He shows there is obedience in being fruitful in attending God’s ordinances, and that the Christian should labor to see God-glorifying fruit through the work of Jesus Christ and the power of the Spirit.

This is not a scan or facsimile, and has been updated in modern English for easy reading. It also has an active table of contents for electronic versions (mobi and epub).

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