Gospel Music: or the Singing of David’s Psalms by Nathaniel Holmes (or Homes) D.D. (1599–1678)


This wonderful work by Nathaniel Holmes is a beginning or introductory teaching on how to sing praise to God by the Psalms – God’s inspired songbook for the church. A biblical treatment not to be missed!


Gospel Music: or the Singing of David’s Psalms, by Nathaniel Holmes (or Homes) D.D. (1599–1678)

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Nathaniel Holmes (or Homes) D.D. (1599–1678), was a Calvinistic puritan divine, and a Reformed Preacher of the Gospel.

This famous 17th century tract is a demonstration of the nature and necessity of singing the Psalms of David in private (at home) and in corporate worship (with the congregation), something that began to be contested in his own day. Holmes covers six areas that teach the church how to think about Psalm singing: 1) the warrant that we have coming from the word of God to do so; 2) its unquestionable nature through the history of the church; 3) the ancient use of singing; 4) the usefulness of singing the Psalms of David, and 5) the objections of unjust men against psalm singing. He also adds in as an appendix the manner in which the New England churches sang Psalms. This is a very helpful introductory work to aid the Christian to think soberly about how Psalmody is handled in the word of God and for the church of Jesus Christ.

This is not a scan or facsimile, and has been updated in modern English for easy reading. It also has an active table of contents for electronic versions.