The Sinner’s Justifying Righteousness – by John Beart (1673-1716)


How will you as a sinner stand before the all-righteous God on the day of Judgment safely? John Beart masterfully explains the doctrine of justification and practically applies the manner in which elect sinners will stand before God on judgment day, safe only in the righteousness of Jesus Christ.


The Sinner’s Justifying Righteousness by John Beart (1673-1716)

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John Beart (1673-1716) was a Reformed preacher of the Gospel and biblical scholar.

In this amazing work on the sinner’s justifying righteousness, Beart biblically and forcefully combats unbiblical views of justification, and teaches the reader what it means to stand before God in the righteousness of Jesus Christ. It is, in fact, a hearty work on the ever-important doctrine of justification.
Beart covers , 1) the Law of God as a rule of duty and obedience, 2) how fallen man is utterly unable to answer the demands of the law, 3) how fallen man is unable to fulfill such a righteousness as is required to justification, and 4) how Jesus Christ fulfilled the law on behalf of the elect.

He also covers the intricacies of how believers are made righteous only through Christ’s person, in his obedience and suffering, and that this justifying righteousness is equally imputed to all elect believers. This is accomplished by faith as an instrument. Not that faith is the matter of our justification, nor meritorious cause of it; but is used in this only as an instrument, not as a work.

This work is not a scan or facsimile, has been carefully transcribed by hand being made easy to read in modern English, and has an active table of contents for electronic versions.