No Other Savior But Jesus Christ – by Anthony Tuckney (1599-1670)


There is no other savior other than Jesus Christ. Only through faith in him can a man be saved. Do you believe that? What about the mentally handicapped, or infants that die in infancy? What about nations lost in darkness who never hear of Christ? Dr. Tuckney masterfully explains these points with Puritan precision.


No Other Savior But Jesus Christ by Anthony Tuckney (1599-1670)

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Anthony Tuckney (1599-1670) was an influential Reformed puritan preacher, eminently pious and learned, and an earnest promoter of the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and godliness.

Beginning with his text from Acts 4:12, “Neither is there salvation in any other…” Dr. Tuckney demonstrates that there is no salvation but by Christ, who is the only Savior. He shows this from God’s design that there is no name under heaven given to us by which we must be saved. Nor is there any temporal, much less any spiritual and eternal salvation other than which is found by way of covenant through Jesus Christ. In opposition to this, Tuckney takes to task those in his day (and ours) who say that salvation may be found outside the Gospel, which includes other religious views and philosophical arguments.

Then, Dr. Tuckney examines the all-important question about those who might be saved apart from a true knowledge of the Gospel. These include those in heathen nations who remain in darkness and never hear the word of God, infants who die in infancy, and those mentally handicapped who have no ability to understand the Gospel. What does God do with such people? Tuckney examines this point by point with scholarly precision and a biblical answer.

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