The Good Which Comes Out of the Evil of Affliction – by Nathaniel Vincent (1639-1697)


Everyone suffers chastisement from God who is a true son or daughter of Christ. But how do you “handle” suffering and chastisement by God’s hand? Nathaniel Vincent explains how to be a good Christian in order to take the good out of a frowning providence.


The Good Which Comes Out of the Evil of Affliction, by Nathaniel Vincent (1639-1697)

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Nathaniel Vincent (1639-1697) was a nonconformist puritan divine. His colleagues called him “smart…brisk and well-rounded as a minister of the Gospel, holding a facetious and jolly humor, as well as being a considerable scholar.”

In this work Vincent treats affliction as a present sent from God to his people. Most Christians struggle with being chastised by God, or afflicted in a frowning providence. But the Bible teaches that God does this to cause his people to shine forth his glory. The Scriptures are filled with directives of how to suffer for the sake of God’s name and glory. Vincent teaches from Psalm 110:71, “It is good for me that I have been afflicted, that I might learn thy statutes.” He shows that the saints are afflicted for their good, and that the rod of God is a means to make his Word to be better learned. He clearly demonstrates that afflictions are of God’s own sending and will, whose goodness is manifested in the very act of sending them in the first place. This is a treatise that will humble the Christian and bring him closer to understanding the sovereign power of Jesus Christ.

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