The Doctrine of Regeneration and Other Sermons – by Thomas Halliday


“This book should be on a bestseller list. There are few ministers that I have personally heard in church today that preach with the power and practicality of Halliday.” Therese B. McMahon


The Doctrine of Regeneration and Other Sermons, By Thomas Halliday

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Thomas Halliday is relatively little known by anyone in the Reformed community today, much less the Christian community. This is a tragedy. His sermons are beyond excellent. They are exegetically outstanding and practically powerful as Reformed sermons should be. It is a sad providence that more of his writings are not in print. As a result of this first volume being reproduced for our day, no doubt, more of Halliday’s works will soon come to light. Sufficient for today is this volume which contains a “Memoir” by Andrew Symington, and seven theologically rich sermons by Halliday which comprise important Christian doctrines: the first and greatest commandment, the doctrine of regeneration, the doctrine of perseverance of the saints, the doctrine of God’s sovereignty and other gems.