The Westminster Assembly: Its History and Standards – Alexander F. Mitchell


Mitchell delivers one of the best analysis of the preparation and creation of the Westminster Documents. A must read for lovers of Puritanism and the Westminster Confession.


The Westminster Assembly: Its History and Standards, by Alexander F. Mitchell

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Throughout this magnificent work Alexander Mitchell has endeavored to give prominence to aspects of Puritan history which have been generally overlooked, and to treat more briefly of those which have been previously dwelt on (making this the ideal companion volume to William Hetherington’s History of the Westminster Assembly also published by Puritan Publications.) Mitchell writes in an irenic manner, making this a perfect introductory volume to Puritanism and the work of the Westminster Assembly. In the first three chapters he has given a succinct account of English Puritanism from its origin to the meeting of the Westminster Assembly, and in the tenth lecture, he has given a similar account of the history of doctrine in the British Churches during the same period.

It has been noted by many that next to the Scripture itself, there is probably more to be gained from the study of this segment of history (and the works of the men God called to produce the Puritan intellect and the Westminster family of documents) than any other single period of history – right up to the present era. Mitchell’s account of this age of brilliance is a veritable information cornucopia in which all lovers of Puritanism, the Westminster Assembly, and especially the truth of Jesus Christ (which these our forefathers in the faith so boldly proclaimed) can readily take delight! Don’t miss this fine historical account newly typeset for easy reading.