The Doctrine of Conversion – by Nathaniel Vincent (1639-1697)


Vincent teaches sinners that they must perceive their danger so they are not ignorant of salvation, as well as helps saints understand the work of regeneration that God has wrought in them by Jesus Christ and the power of the Spirit. An A+ treatise by a master preacher.


The Doctrine of Conversion, by Nathaniel Vincent (1639-1697)

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Nathaniel Vincent (1639-1697) was a nonconformist puritan divine. His colleagues called him “smart…brisk and well-rounded as a minister of the Gospel, holding a facetious and jolly humor, as well as being a considerable scholar.”

In this penetrating treatise, Vincent teaches how conversion takes place as it is applied from Ezekiel 33:11, “Turn ye, turn ye, from your evil ways; for why will ye die, O house of Israel?” Vincent exhorts the reader from the very beginning, “As soon as you have looked on to this book, immediately look off again and look up to heaven! How can you see to read without any profit, unless the Father of lights opens your eyes and gives you an understanding heart?” He divides this treatise into three key doctrines about conversion, applies uses of the doctrine, and demonstrates the differences between true and false conversion. This is a simple but piercing discourse on the conversion of a sinner and is a helpful aid to gaze into God’s mysterious work of regeneration on his chosen people; while at the same time, it is an alarm for unconverted sinners to repent and believe the Gospel.

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