Walking Worthy of the Gospel – by Nathaniel Vincent (1639-1697)


Do you talk the talk or walk the walk? Nathaniel Vincent, in this exciting treatment of the Christian’s duty before God, shows you that you may be more talk than walk!


Walking Worthy of the Gospel, by Nathaniel Vincent (1639-1697)

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Nathaniel Vincent (1639-1697) was a nonconformist puritan divine. His colleagues called him “smart…brisk and well-rounded as a minister of the Gospel, holding a facetious and jolly humor, as well as being a considerable scholar.”

This work by Vincent concerns the manner in which Christians should walk according to the profession they make. Walk the talk, as we would say today. He expounds Ephesians 4:1, “I therefore the prisoner of the Lord beseech you, that ye walk worthy of the vocation wherewith ye are called.” This calling is a duty, and Vincent explains how Christians are to be entreated and beseeched to do their duty to walk in holiness as God has called them. This calling is both inward and outward, and only the effectually called people of God can walk in a worthy manner to glorify Jesus Christ through the power of his Spirit.

This is an exciting treatise that includes the theological aspects of the “ordo salutis,” or order of salvation, as well as practical solutions for the Christian in doing more than merely talking about being a Christian.

This is not a scan or facsimile, and has been updated in modern English for easy reading. It also has an active table of contents of electronic versions.