The Affects of Sin on the Soul – by John Dod (1549-1645)


In actions of good intent, Christians can still bear great sin which causes them harm, and causes God to act in judgment.


The Affects of Sin on the Soul – by John Dod (1549-1645).

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John Dod (1549-1645) was a learned Reformed minister and puritan, an exquisite Hebrew scholar, and a most pious divine.

In an expanded treatise on 2 Samuel 24, Dod explains David’s grievous sin of numbering the people against the direct order of God. He shows that in actions of good intent, there can still be great sin which causes us harm, and causes God to act in judgment. Christians often perform activities that seem to glorify God, but are in fact a course of sin, especially when they are not recognized as sin. In diagnosing any sin, the first step to true repentance is to be wounded in our hearts for it against the holiness of God. Dod shows that sin brings Christians into all kinds of trouble, and that God will in fact make his judgments suitable to the sins of his people. In this, there is a great affect that sin has on the souls of God’s people.

Annexed to Dod’s work is Robert Cleaver’s (d. 1613) brief tract on godly zeal. Cleaver shows that whatever Christians are zealous for must in fact be lawfully good and for God’s glory. In being zealous, Christians must make the greatest account of the weightiest matters in religion. Such a zeal will tend towards personal, family and church reformation.

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