Joseph’s Resolve and the Unreasonableness of Sinning Against God – by C. Matthew McMahon


How much do you hate sin? Joseph was resolved to cast off all wickedness as he lived before the face of God. Do you?


Joseph’s Resolve and the Unreasonableness of Sinning Against God by C. Matthew McMahon

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One of the greatest depictions of God’s providence in Scripture is the historical narrative of Joseph, who was sold into slavery, and worked under Potiphar, the chief steward of Pharaoh. Within the course of this narrative, while Joseph is in his house, Potiphar’s wife comes to him many times to lure him off to sin in one of the most bold and forthright temptations to be recorded anywhere in the Bible. She had longing, wandering eyes and comes to tempt him, assaulting him, “day by day,” constantly, and audaciously. Joseph’s reaction to this wicked assault is an instant refusal to the temptation. “How then can I do this great wickedness, and sin against God?” (Gen. 39:9). What biblical directives can be found in this amazing statement of holiness and godliness?

From this one text McMahon meticulously explains how Joseph’s victory over temptation against Potiphar’s wife can be used by the believer today for their own victory to the glory of Jesus Christ. Christians need to be prepared to deal with temptation in a manner in which they will be victorious in the power of Christ’s Spirit. But they can only do this if they understand what Joseph understood in regards to God, temptation and the heinous nature of sin. He covers such topics as: the great evil of sin, the relationship between sin and God’s holiness, how to live faithfully before God’s omniscience and omnipresence, the nature and character of temptation, what it means to resist temptations, how holy fear aids the Christian in light of temptation, what the Spirit works in a Christian motioning them to holiness, how one can cultivate a sensitivity to the Spirit’s work, the inconsistency in sinning against God, how usefulness in God’s kingdom is linked to holiness, the power of Christ’s Gospel as the full remedy to temptation and sin, as well as a number of other important considerations. (He also includes a study on the “hedge of protection” that is mentioned in Job 1:10 as an appendix to the work.)

This book faithfully explains and applies Genesis 39:9 demonstrating Joseph’s godly resolve and the unreasonableness of sinning against God. Here you will find what steps you can take, following devout Joseph, to keep yourself from falling into sin through the craftiness of temptation, that you may bring the most glory to Jesus Christ in your walk before God.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Great Evil of Sin
Chapter 2: Sin and God’s Holiness
Chapter 3: The Unreasonableness of Sinning Against God
Chapter 4: Living Before God’s Face
Chapter 5: The Assault of Temptation
Chapter 6: Resolved to Resist Temptations
Chapter 7: Hating All Sin
Chapter 8: Holy Fear Part 1
Chapter 9: Holy Fear Part 2
Chapter 10: Holy Fear Part 3
Chapter 11: Love to God is a Remedy Against All Temptations
Chapter 12: Usefulness in God’s Kingdom
Chapter 13: The Spirit’s Motions Against Sin
Chapter 14: Sensitivity to the Spirit
Chapter 15: Remembering Past Mercies
Chapter 16: An Inconsistent Life
Chapter 17: The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the Only Remedy
Appendix: A Hedge of Protection

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