Systematic Theology Made Easy – by C. Matthew McMahon


Do you love theology? Sometimes it’s hard to wade through thousands of pages in giant tomes exhausting every possible subject. Don’t you wish there was an EASY systematic theology book? There is….


Systematic Theology Made Easy, by C. Matthew McMahon

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C. Matthew McMahon is an American Calvinist Reformed theologian and adjunct professor at Whitefield Theological Seminary. He is the founder and chairman of A Puritan’s Mind where the ministry started as an internet hub and center for students of the Bible concerning Reformed Theology and Covenant Theology. He also started “The Puritanboard” as a chat room that is exclusively for those holding to Reformed Creeds and Confessions and members in good standing in reformed churches. A Puritan’s Mind ( is home to Covenant Theology, Reformed Theology and Reformation and Puritan writings, articles and books. He is also the founder of Puritan Publications which publishes Reformed and Puritan works from the 17th century.

This work takes the major themes of systematic theology and places them in an easy to understand format. This is an introductory work for those beginning to study this subject, and deals with systematic theology in bite-size portions, or theological sound-bytes.

The Word of God was given to the Church of Jesus Christ to disclose God’s character, will, acts and plans. In the Word of God is found a host of different subjects that, when compiled, gives the reader the ability to know what God says on those subjects which are revealed in and through the holy Scriptures.

Subjects covered in this work range from the science of theology, to the doctrines of Scripture, of God, of man, of salvation, covenant theology, the person and work of Jesus Christ, the benefits of redemption, the Law of God and even eschatology, including the doctrines of heaven and hell.

This is a perfect primer for the new student of theology, or a refresher for those who want to study the marrow of systematic theology without needing to wade through other volumes which span thousands of pages.