The Manifold Wisdom of God Seen in Covenant Theology – by George Walker (1581-1651)


Don’t read this if you want to keep your dispensationalism! Walker thoroughly explains the agreement and differences in the covenants, and how God’s wisdom is seen in sending Christ, the Mediator of the covenant, for his people. A classic Westminsterian work by one of the divines.


The Manifold Wisdom of God Seen in Covenant Theology, by George Walker (1581-1651)

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George Walker (1581-1651) was a Calvinistic puritan, prolific author and preacher, as well as a distinguished and active member of the Westminster Assembly.

This work on covenant theology demonstrates the great profit and benefit arising from the knowledge of the true difference between the Old and New Testaments seen in the Covenant of Works and the Covenant of Grace, or the Law and the Gospel. Walker masterfully unfolds the probation of man in the Covenant of Works, and shows the blessings and promises of the Covenant of Grace. He also expounds the agreement between the Covenant of Grace in the Gospel, and the mixed covenant which God made with Israel on Mount Horeb, by the ministry of Moses. All of this is demonstrated to show God’s singular providence in preparing the means of grace fit for the several ages of the world through Jesus Christ.

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