God’s Voice from His Throne of Glory – by John Carter (d. 1655)


One of the most confusing passages in the Old Testament is Ezekiel 1 concerning, “the wheels.” John Carter has penned a masterful exposition on this text, as well as a practical application of how God’s
providence oversees the movements of all things everywhere. When the Christian asks “What is God’s will for my life?” Carter points them to Ezekiel 1. This is a Spirit-filled puritan work that will point you to the glory of Jesus Christ.


God’s Voice from His Throne of Glory by John Carter (d. 1655)

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John Carter (d. 1655) was a fiery puritan, Westminster Divine and Reformed preacher of the Gospel.

This most excellent work is divided into two parts. First, Carter exegetes and expounds “the wheels” of Ezekiel’s vision in Ezekiel 1 and 10. Then in the second part he exegetes and expounds the “nail” in Isaiah’s preaching (22:23). Both works are ultimately pointed at the manner in which God sets up and pulls down those wheels and nails that are to work, in his providence, for his glory, among his people.

Carter’s poignant application of his exegesis on Ezekiel’s wheels is masterful, thought provoking and reaches the inner recesses of the Christian heart. It elevates the power of the Son of God, who sits on the chariot throne of the wheels of his providence, and commands the wheels to move here and there in providential oversight of the whole world. His work on the hammering of the “nail” is equally impressive in its substance showing God’s power and providence over those in authority, and those under authority. Though Carter is purposeful to deal with circumstances in his time with these passages, it does not take much for today’s Christian to be spiritually charged by the initial exegesis, doctrine and preaching of these works.

From the Introduction: “Christians often wonder, “What is God’s will for my life?” Carter’s exposition on God’s providence and control of the earth will aid the Christian in making a conscious discernment in answering that question. Once the Christian heart and mind is given over to a true realization of God’s providence in its power and authority, their worldview is held captive in contentment of God’s work in their own life. God moves things in the world for our good…but ultimately, his glory. Here, publishing Carter’s sermons has been well worth the time, for all Christians need to be aggressively reminded of God’s power to be God in the control of all things, from the least to the greatest, for his own glory. The church would do well to study this work to glorify Christ in his all-encompassing providence over everyone and everything.”

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