God, the Best Acquaintance of Christians – by Matthew Newcomen (1610–1669)


This is the first work ever published since Newcomen’s time of his works. This will not be the last, and is well worth investing in this Westminsterian Puritan to see how you can be more acquainted with Jesus Christ.


God, the Best Acquaintance of Christians, by Matthew Newcomen (1610–1669)

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“We like foolish and unthankful wretches, on the very first motion of the devil, gave away this honor and happiness of acquaintance and communion for an apple.”

Matthew Newcomen (1610–1669) was an ejected puritan minister, one of the authors of “SMECTYMNUS”, and was chosen one of the Westminster divines. He preached the opening sermon before the assembly and both houses of parliament on the afternoon of Saturday, July 7, 1643 upon the commencement of the Westminster Assembly.

This work is a treatise on how to have a true relationship with Jesus Christ. Newcomen bases this discourse on Job 22:21, “Acquaint now thyself with him, and be at peace: thereby good shall come unto thee.” He demonstrates what it means to have “converse” with God, or simply, to have a relationship with Him. There are reasons why men must have a true acquaintance with God, and that God has kindly allowed men to come into relationship with Him. Then Newcomen lays out motives to this acquaintance, the need to labor after it, how to keep it, and how to recover it if it becomes hindered or the sweetness of it is lost.

This is not a scan or a facsimile, but a newly typeset work updated in contemporary English and made easily readable. It has an active table of contents for all electronic versions.

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