The Cure of the Fear of Death – by Nicholas Byfield (1579–1622)


I have never met a Christian who was not, at some time, afraid of death. Nicholas Byfield has a cure to help Christians overcome their fear of death.


The Cure of the Fear of Death, by Nicholas Byfield (1579–1622)

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Not many Christians today are familiar with Nicholas Byfield (1579–1622). This is a tragedy. Byfield was a Calvinistic puritan divine with a sweet preaching and writing style akin to that of Thomas Watson with the practicality of Jeremiah Burroughs. He was an extremely popular puritan in his day.

This work “The Cure of the Fear of Death” is an eminently practical work for every Christian young and old. It shows the course Christians may take to be delivered from various fears about death, which are found in the hearts of most of God’s children. Byfield covers how we may be freed from the fear of death through various considerations and cures, one way by meditation, the other by practice. He also covers seventeen privileges of a Christian in their death, and the objections men make about death, and the objections there answered. This is an exceedingly useful work that should not be missed.

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