ALL OUT WAR – Music Project – Christopher Love – by C. Matthew McMahon


1980s-1990s Heavy Metal Tracks taken from Christopher Love’s work, “The Christian’s Combat Against the Devil.”


ALL OUT WAR – Music Project by C. Matthew McMahon
1980s-1990s Heavy Metal Music taken from Christopher Love’s book, “The Christian’s Combat Against the Devil”

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McMahon – “I can’t believe technology like this exists today, and that such a thing is even possible. How awesome is it in God’s providence to be able to be reminded of the spiritual warfare Christian’s have against the world, flesh and devil, taken from the masterful book of Christopher Love, while harnessing technology to produce music.”

When it comes to music, a catchy tune is important. However, it doesn’t make a lasting impact on the sincere Christian unless the content of the song, the meaning in the lyrics, has redemptive value. Music is a vehicle, and good tunes are crucial, but when the lyrics and message are Christ-glorifying, you truly have something with great biblical weight.

In light of this, Dr. McMahon has taken Christopher Love’s excellent book, “The Christian’s Combat Against the Devil,” and composed and arranged songs chapter by chapter using Love’s content. Each chapter is distilled to its primary message and set to music in the style of 1980s-1990s metal rock. Love’s work on spiritual warfare spans eleven chapters, and thus there are eleven corresponding songs. Love’s insights are exceptionally helpful to all who battle sin, the world, and the devil daily.

As an added bonus, McMahon has also taken a 17th-century poem (Appendix 1) and reimagined it in a modern heavy metal format. This track, titled “Lord What Have I Done – Tremble My Soul,” vividly depicts the anguish of someone who believes they are condemned to hell. But we don’t want to leave someone there… To complement this, two additional tracks are included as Appendix 2 and Appendix 3, both inspired by Jonathan Edwards’ renowned sermon, “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God.” The first track is titled “Hanging by a Thread,” and the second is “Savior,” both taken directly from Edwards’ thoughts.

Samples of the Tracks can be found in the video.

The intensity and passion of heavy metal uniquely conveys the powerful messages in Love’s book. So, take some time to experience “ALL OUT WAR”. Love’s deep insights will be both helpful and encouraging, while also being entertaining in this exciting genre.

A digital copy of Love’s book is included in the download.

USING THE FILES: After purchase, download and save the ZIPPED file (about 250 megs) to your desktop, then extract the files and save them in a folder (right click the file and click EXTRACT ALL). Then transfer them to your phone or MP3 player/device.

C. Matthew McMahon, Ph.D., Th.D., is a Reformed theologian, and pastor of Grace Chapel in Crossville, TN; part of the Biblical Reformed Synod of Christ the King. He is the founder and chairman of A Puritan’s Mind, the largest Reformed website on the internet for students of the Bible concerning Reformed Theology, the Puritans and Covenant Theology. He is the founder of Puritan Publications which publishes rare Reformed and Puritan works from the 17th century, specializing in the Westminster Assembly. He is also a managing partner at, and the Center for Reformed Theology and Apologetics.

Music Tracks
1. All Out War
2. Stand Therefore
3. Rise Up to the Call
4. Victory’s Sure
5. Just War
6. Malice of the Dragon
7. Stay in the Fight
8. The Armor of Light
9. All-Prayer
10. Pilgrim’s Journey
11. Heavenly Minded
12. APPENDIX 1- Oh Lord What I Have I Done – Tremble My Soul
13. APPENDIX 2- Hanging by a Thread
14. APPENDIX 3- Savior

Disclaimer: Technology in creating the music is as advanced as the technology is currently, meaning, in a few of the songs there may be a “techno” sound that enters into the mix. Most of that is hardly noticeable, but occasionally it may be heard if one is listening intently. For example, a voice singing may move up an octave on purpose, but the transition may sound “techno.” In some songs, that’s on purpose such as in Electropop, Bubblegum Bass, Popcore and others.

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