The Saint’s Encouragement to Diligence in Christ’s Service – by James Janeway (1636–1674)


How diligent are you for Jesus Christ? And does diligence reap a reward? Janeway explains in this wonderful work on 2 Peter.


The Saint’s Encouragement to Diligence in Christ’s Service by James Janeway (1636–1674)

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James Janeway (1636–1674) was a puritan minister of the Gospel, best-known for his pastoral heart, along with his fiery preaching in uplifting and inspiring believers to walk by faith to the glory of Christ.

This treatise on 2 Peter 1:11 is a puritan gem. Drawing from the rich well of Scripture, Janeway emphasizes the vital role of God’s Word in providing comfort, conviction, and guidance for those engaged in the earnest service of Christ. He directs readers to deepen their relationship with the Lord, relying on His promises and grace as a source of encouragement.

Janeway rightly explains the nature of Christian service as a joyful privilege and presents practical ways to find encouragement amidst the challenges and trials that believers face.
Recognizing the inevitable trials and obstacles encountered in Christian service, Janeway teaches readers to embrace a biblical perspective on suffering, seek solace through prayer and dependence on God, and find comfort in the fellowship and support of fellow believers.

In all this Janeway points believers to the enduring hope found in Christ. He reminds us that our service is not in vain and that our present struggles are temporary compared to the eternal rewards and glory that await us. By anchoring our hearts in this eternal hope, we as believers can persevere and thrive in our commitment to Christ’s service.

Discover the power of encouragement and embark on a transformative journey in the service of Christ through this work.

This work is not a scan or facsimile, and has been updated in modern English for easy reading. It also has an active table of contents for electronic versions.

Table of Contents
Meet James Janeway
The Nature of Christian Diligence
To the Reader
Letter of Recommendation
Introductory Notation
Part 1: The Text
Part 2: Explanation of the Text
Part 3: The Doctrine
Part 4: A Soliloquy of Soul
Part 5: Receiving an Entrance
Part 6: Reasons for Rewards
Part 7: Objections
Part 8: Application
Part 9: Being Diligent Saints
Part 10: Exhortation
Part 11: Directions
APPENDIX: Mrs. B’s Experience
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