The Natural Man Directed to Jesus Christ – by Francis Roberts (1609-1675)


Robert’s work is one of the greatest pieces of puritan sermonizing on original sin, depravity and conversion. If you are aware of Alleine’s “An Alarm to the Unconverted,” you will find Robert’s masterpiece even more convincing and powerful. This is the book to not only read and reread yourself, but also to hand out to family members and friends who still remain in their natural state. It is exquisite puritan evangelism at its best.


The Natural Man Directed to Jesus Christ
by Francis Roberts (1609-1675)

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Francis Roberts (1609-1675), was a Presbyterian and Reformed Calvinistic Puritan. He was an eminent theologian in his day and widely known for his theological works.

From one of McMahon’s introductory chapters: “Most Evangelicals today believe that salvation is by an outward show of moral character. This kind of religion is specially designed by the devil for the natural man. Roberts’ work on directing sinners from being captive to their natural tendencies to Christ is not simply a work that shakes the sinner’s intellectual mechanisms to understand the basics of the Gospel of Jesus Christ concerning sin and salvation, but this work is one of the most violent theological earthquakes of Gospel exhortation ever penned by any pastor or theologian in the history of the Christian church. It shows the natural man the way to saving grace, and to the only Redeemer of God’s elect with some of the most profound and poignant Gospel directives and descriptions.

Roberts’ main objective is to get sinners not only interested in Christ, but pointed in the direction of the only means by which men must be saved. And he does this through the most pin-pointed, powerful, straight, and objective sermonizing that any reader might ever hear. This work is an epitome of Gospel sweetness and is Christ-glorifying in its precision, passion and theological power. Christians and non-Christians alike cannot come away from this work unchanged. After reading Roberts’ 24 specific directions to finding the true, biblical Christ of the Bible, readers will be either closer to heaven or closer to hell.”

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