A Poster on the Synopsis of Theology or Divinity – by Francis Roberts (1609–1675)


This is one of the best learning charts of the Puritan era by Francis Roberts on theology. He created this chart to aid his congregation to understand theology, including the topics of God, the Bible, Redemption, the person of Christ, election, effectual calling, and more. A 40″ x 60″ chart and masterpiece of theological precision.


A Poster on the Synopsis of Theology or Divinity, by Francis Roberts (1609–1675)

File Types: PDF 40″ x 60″ (You can print this out at a printing shop.)
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Francis Roberts, a Calvinistic Puritan, minister and chaplain to his patron Lieut. Capel. Roberts wrote many solid biblical works that received great acclaim, but his most popular work was not a book, but a chart called “A Synopsis of Theology or Divinity.” It was specifically written to aid the people of his congregation to understand the basics of the Christian faith more precisely and easily by way of a visual aid.

This chart is a giant 40″ x 60″ and can be studied easily via Adobe’s Acrobat reader, or any PDF reader. It may be used on the Kindle and other electronic devices as a study aid to theology. It is, no doubt, one of the greatest visual aids ever penned by a Puritan of the 17th century, even rivaling William’s Perkins’ famous chart from his order of salvation and damnation. This is certainly a larger chart than Perkins’ and covers every aspect of systematic theology, as well as practical theology. It is an exact reproduction of Roberts’ chart from 1645, but updated with our modern type. It has, in addition to it, a short synopsis of his life and works.

The chart follows a Ramean outline (Ramean Logic uses a logical flow of thought) that allows the student to follow a specific and precise biblical flow concerning everything from who God is, to the fall, to redemption in Jesus Christ, and the eternal state of the believer and unbeliever in the life to come. This is a wonderful outline of the Bible and theology for every level of Christian, and will be of use to Sunday School classes, home schoolers and bible groups, as well as for home study.

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