The Law and the Gospel Reconciled – by Henry Burton (1579-1648)


How do you reconcile the Law of God (what God’s commands are for the Christian church) and the Gospel (the free grace found in Christ)? Antinomians (those against the Law of God) have attempted for centuries to annul the Law with an eye to replace it with New Testament grace. But Christ came to fulfill the Law, not destroy it. Burton demonstrates how the Law and Gospel work together, as well as giving some masterful insight into the 4th Commandment.


The Law and the Gospel Reconciled by Henry Burton (1579-1648)

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Henry Burton (1579-1648) was a great puritan sufferer for the gospel of Jesus Christ and for his views of nonconformity. He was blessed with considerable learning and skill, and was an eminent scholar.

In Burton’s day, as it is today, many attempt to subvert the Law of God by banishing it from the Christian life. Those who would overthrow the Law are called Antinomians. These wholly remove the Law in order to twistedly elevate grace – but a grace depleted of its power to direct the Christian in God’s will, mortify the Christian from their sin, and sanctify the Christian to be like Jesus Christ.

Burton masterfully explains the rudiments of the Antinomian heresy, and in contrast, he shows how the Evangelical faith and the Moral Law stand together in the state of grace. He demonstrates the biblical position of the Law and grace, and what the Christian’s reasonable duty is to the Law.

In the second half of the treatise he uses the example of the 4th commandment to show what the Sabbath Day is, and how it is now the Christian Sabbath or Lord’s Day. He uses this example because Antinomians use the 4th commandment as a crutch to overthrow the Law of God saying that the Sabbath was only for the Jews in a certain manner and is now abolished for the Christian. Burton biblically corrects them in a masterful and helpful manner, and completes the treatise by demonstrating to Christians what their reasons and motives are to adhering to God’s prescribed Law. Here we find the Law and the Gospel reconciled.

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