The Christian’s Desire to See God Face to Face by Richard Sibbes (1577–1635)


Do you yearn to see Christ face to face? Richard Sibbes fans the flame of the Christian’s desire to see God from Psalm 27:4 in an extraordinary treatise on the subject of the beatific vision.


The Christian’s Desire to See God Face to Face by Richard Sibbes (1577–1635)

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Richard Sibbes (1577–1635) was an inspiring Christ-centered minister and experiential preacher. He influenced Anglicanism, Presbyterianism, and Independency, was a pastor of pastors, and lived a life of moderation. Daniel Neal describes him as a celebrated preacher, an educated divine, and a charitable and humble man who repeatedly underestimated his gifts.

In this extraordinary work on Psalm 27:4, Sibbes instructs the reader concerning the beatific vision of God. He lays out the desire and affection of the holy prophet David, whose goal was to dwell with God, face to face. In this he lifts the reader to heights of sweetness concerning the object of the Christian’s desire: dwelling with God through Christ. He directs the reader to taste of Christ now, so that they will experience that coveted glimpse of God in their understanding, only to be encouraged that they will one day experience it face to face with Christ in heaven.

Such a sanctuary of thought is a high mountain of blessedness and causes the feet of our meditation of God to run like hind’s feet on high places upon the mountain of spices (Psalm 18:33; Hab. 3:19; Song 8:14). Sibbes is simple in this, yet profound. This is a work worthy to reflect and digest to find refreshment for the soul which will be enlivened to new heights of holy contemplation.

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