Practical Theology for Everyone – by Thomas Mockett (or Mocket) (1602-1670)


It is one thing to understand theological concepts in systematic theology, but it wholly another to apply those concepts in your daily life to the glory of God. Are you a “practical” Christian? Mockett covers everything from the knowledge of God, to how to be courteous to others in this rare and unique work on practical theology.


Practical Theology for Everyone by Thomas Mockett (or Mocket) (1602-1670)

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Thomas Mockett (or Mocket) (1602-1670), was a studious theologian, Reformed preacher of the Gospel, and scholarly puritan divine during the era of Westminster. Edmund Calamy describes him as, “a very pious, and humble man.”

Mockett’s work is a puritan example of Scriptural exegesis at its final points, engaging in a systematic explanation of what Puritanism considered practical theology. Practical Theology is the “application” of the biblical text, drawn from its doctrinal considerations, which pertain to the life and work of the individual Christian, and the body of the Christian church. It covers private duties, family duties, Christian church duties, and duties to our rulers and neighbors.

Practically, this work demonstrates a focused course of practical application, dealing with the practice of being a true Christian in 27 points. His purpose in this is that the reader will not miss the glory of Jesus Christ, and an entrance into an eternal heaven for the glory of God. He covers such topics as a right knowledge of God and Jesus Christ; having a lively faith; the importance of self-examination; what it means to have a lawful calling; how to deal responsibly with prosperity, adversity and temptation. The importance of unity, peace and love; what it means to have a true fear of God; and a section on parents, children, masters, servants and dealing with the poor, among other chapters.

This is one of the few known Puritan works on practical theology, and is a must read for any Christian desiring to have a sanctifying and practical interest in Jesus Christ.

This is not a scan or facsimile, has been updated in modern English for easy reading and has an active table of contents for electronic versions.