Practical Observations on the Book of Ruth – by C. Matthew McMahon


Are you as resolved as Ruth was to follow the Lord God? And how does this book teach us about the Messiah, and the work and merit of his covenant?


Practical Observations on the Book of Ruth by C. Matthew McMahon

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The Book of Ruth, often perceived as a heartwarming love story, is much deeper than its brief 85 verses may suggest. Far from just a narrative of an impoverished outcast finding love through the guidance of her mother-in-law, it holds a weighty place in the biblical canon, universally acknowledged, and inspired by the Holy Spirit, for the enrichment of the Church. But could there be more to it?

The true brilliance of Ruth lies in its core message. It masterfully illustrates the concept of redemption and how it unfolds through the Kinsman Redeemer. The historical context, with Ruth’s pivotal role as a Moabite convert to true faith, further accentuates its significance. Her union with Boaz, a revered figure among his kin, led to the birth of Obed, the grandfather of King David. The narrative was crafted to affirm David’s legitimate claim to the throne, emphasizing his divine lineage. Yet, the true essence of the book transcends earthly monarchies, pointing towards King Jesus, the Messiah, our Spiritual David, who emerges as the savior and the ultimate Kinsman.

In “Practical Observations on the Book of Ruth”, McMahon explores this biblical masterpiece, offering insightful verse-by-verse observations. He presents it as a reflection of Christ’s Covenant of Grace, providing a comprehensive commentary on its relevance to the Christian faith and its practical implications for believers in their everyday lives.

C. Matthew McMahon, Ph.D., Th.D., is a Reformed theologian, and pastor of Grace Chapel in Crossville, TN; part of the Biblical Reformed Synod of Christ the King. He is the founder and chairman of A Puritan’s Mind, the largest Reformed website on the internet for students of the Bible concerning Reformed Theology, the Puritans and Covenant Theology. He is the founder of Puritan Publications which publishes rare Reformed and Puritan works from the 17th century, specializing in the Westminster Assembly. He is also a managing partner at, and the Center for Reformed Theology and Apologetics.

Table of Contents
Practical Observations on the Book of Ruth
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Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Introduction, Jesus Our Kinsman Redeemer
Chapter 2: Men are Deprived of the Outward Blessing of God Because of Sin
Chapter 3: Unexpectedness of the Day of One’s Death
Chapter 4: The Wicked Have Their Reward in This Life
Chapter 5: Highly Esteeming the Means of Grace
Chapter 6: The Trial of True Faith
Chapter 7: Orpah’s Hypocrisy, Rashness and Worldliness
Chapter 8: A Demonstration of Ruth’s Conversion
Chapter 9: The Virtue of Ruth’s Resolution – Though Others Fall Away
Chapter 10: God’s Providence in Afflictions
Chapter 11: Mighty and Godly by God’s Providence
Chapter 12: Ruth’s Obedience and Industry
Chapter 13: God’s Providence in Circumstance
Chapter 14: Boaz’s Interest in Ruth and the Praise of True Religion
Chapter 15: Humility in Speech and Action
Chapter 16: The Virtues of Godliness are Lovely to the Godly
Chapter 17: Christ’s Words are Sweet and Comforting to the Christian
Chapter 18: Naomi’s Directives
Chapter 19: Naomi’s Directives – Marriage is Intended for Man’s Good
Chapter 20: Ruth’s Request – the Word of God Prevails with God
Chapter 21: Grace Discernably Grows
Chapter 22: The Godly Will Notice Godliness
Chapter 23: The Importance of the Kinsman’s Oath
Chapter 24: Comfort, Gifts and Direction from the Kinsman Redeemer
Chapter 25: Patience in Waiting on the Kinsman Redeemer
Chapter 26: Kinsman’s Word and Sign in Paying the Price of Redemption
Chapter 27: The Witnesses
Chapter 28: Ruth and Boaz Married
Chapter 29: Christ from David, the Spiritual David
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