The Largeness of God’s Grace Seen in Predestination – by William Perkins (1558-1602)


How much does God love His people? Perkins shows us that God’s grace is LARGE! And he does it by demonstrating the work of God in predestination.


The Largeness of God’s Grace Seen in Predestination, by William Perkins (1558-1602)

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William Perkins (1558-1602) was a Calvinist minister and theologian who was one of the foremost leaders of the Puritan movement in the Church of England. His “Works” were originally published in three large volumes spanning thousands of pages. However, he wrote a number of individual treatises that are exceedingly biblically, spiritual and helpful for Christians today. The works of William Perkins have not been published until now in these individual treatises.

This work is a serious study on the doctrine of predestination as it refers to man’s salvation or reprobation by God’s eternal decree. Perkins teaches from the Bible that the doctrine of predestination and God’s grace is to be founded on the written Word of God, and not on the judgments of men. He also emphatically shows, by a multitude of examples, that this doctrine also agrees with the grounds of common logic and reason as it should. His purpose is to help, almost exhaustively, those who are “stuck on the difficulties of the doctrine of predestination.” This is a classic puritan work, glorifying the sovereign Creator of heaven and earth, and worthy of deep consideration by every professing Christian.

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