Infant Baptism of Christ’s Appointment – by Samuel Petto (1624–1711)


Samuel Petto was known to be an extraordinary covenant theologian. In this work he explains why infant baptism is by Christ’s appointment, and reduces all other arguments against it to absurdity. This is a biblical and exegetical work on how “covenant” works in relationship to the covenant sign.


Infant Baptism of Christ’s Appointment, by Samuel Petto (1624–1711)

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Samuel Petto (1624–1711) was an English Calvinist, a Cambridge graduate, and an Independent Puritan minister of the Gospel with associations at the Westminster Assembly.

This work by Samuel Petto is a theological study on baptism demonstrating that infant baptism is of Christ’s appointment. Petto shows the proof of infant baptism which stems from two arguments: the formula that Christ gave to baptize, and that infants are visibly in the Covenant. He gives solid biblical answers against a variety of objections, as well as demonstrating the validity of infant baptism from the biblical Reformed perspective. Then, he also defends his work against arguments given by a Baptist advocate in his day. He explains the biblical concepts of the Covenant of Grace, the infants’ right to the covenant and how objections against these two ideas is biblically unattainable. This is a masterful biblical and exegetical work from a renown covenant theologian.

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