God’s Sovereignty Displayed – by William Gearing (1625-1690)

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How do you really feel about God’s sovereignty? God is in control of everything, including every affliction. Do you believe this? Gearing’s work from Job 9 is an outstanding biblical treatment of God’s sovereign power.


God’s Sovereignty Displayed, by William Gearing (1625-1690)

Gearing’s section on dissecting the sins “of the day” is worth the cost of this work alone. – McMahon

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William Gearing (1625-1690) was a fiery puritan and Gospel preacher who was exceedingly practical in his application of biblical truth.

The bible teaches God is sovereign. How do you feel about that? Generally, people who come into contact with this biblical idea for the first time find it offensive instead of comforting. This is especially true when they come under some kind of life-changing affliction (loss of job, money, etc.), an event that involves a death (of a spouse, child or parent), or some kind of life-threatening or debilitating disease they are now under.

Gearing shows that God has an absolute, independent right of disposing of all people and things according to His own pleasure, and uses the example of Job, beginning in Job 9:12, “Behold, he taketh away, who can hinder him? Who will say unto him, what dost thou?” Anything God pleases to do he does, and is glorified by it. He is sovereign over the heavenly host, over the destiny of all men, over nature, over plants and animals, over how people think, feel, and act, over cities and nations, and controls both the good and the bad events that occur in every moment of time throughout all of history. Do you despise God for his sovereignty, or praise him for it?

Gearing shows that Christians must yield patiently under the sovereignty of God when he takes away whatever he pleases in their life for their good. God is in fact the Author of affliction, but he willingly afflicts his people for their sanctification. Gearing shows that God uses various means to accomplish his ends, and there are a number of reasons why he takes away from us what he pleases. He proves God’s sovereignty biblically, and exposes the folly of serving and trusting in temporary things instead of the omnipotent God. Gearing shows that God’s word ought to be used to rest on God’s promises when Christians go through afflictions. Here they ought to glean Gospel patience in imitating Jesus Christ who also suffered under the heaviest affliction imaginable – the wrath of God on the cross.

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