Christ’s Righteousness Imputed, the Saint’s Surest Plea for Eternal Life – by Michael Harrison (1640-1729)


Christian believers have a hard time explaining their understanding of justification through the imputed righteousness of Jesus Christ. Harrison aids the reader to take a important doctrine, and make it simple to understand. It is one of his best works, and extremely valuable to the church today.


In my opinion, this work is one of the best concise books in print on the subject of justification. – C. Matthew McMahon

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Michael Harrison (1640-1729) was a faithful Puritan Minister of the Gospel and a powerful Reformed Presbyterian preacher.

Is the doctrine of justification important for today’s church? Assuredly and emphatically, YES. Harrison covers this topic in six points beginning with his main text of Isaiah 45:24-25, “Surely, shall one say, in the LORD have I righteousness and strength,” etc. He covers, 1. Who are the people that shall be made partakers of this blessed privilege of justification? 2. The nature of justification; what it is. 3. What that righteousness is, for, and by which we are justified at God’s judgment seat. 4. The time when God’s children are made partakers of this blessed privilege. 5. How are we justified by faith? 6. Objections against the doctrine of justification answered. And finally he gives the reader an application.

Harrison felt the critical need for his congregation to understand that the righteousness, by and for which, we are esteemed righteous at God’s judgment seat is only available through Jesus Christ. He biblically proves that it is the active and passive obedience of Jesus Christ, performed by him in our stead, imputed to us, and received only by faith, that gives us the privilege of the doctrine of justification.

Harrison’s work is a breath of theological fresh air, and it should be to every true believer who ponders the biblical nature of this most important doctrine. If you stand, on the Day of Judgment, before the judgment seat of God, in the righteousness of Jesus Christ, you will have wrapped around you the saint’s surest and only plea for pardon and eternal life.

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