Attending the Lord’s Table – by Henry Tozer (1602-1650)

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Tozer teaches the meaning of the supper, how to prepare for it, how self-examination includes our knowledge, repentance, faith and love, what to meditate on concerning Christ, and how to practice and live in God’s sight after we have taken it.


Attending the Lord’s Table by Henry Tozer (1602-1650)

I’ve asked everyone in my church to read this excellent and practical work to improve their participation and understanding of the Lord’s Supper. – McMahon

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Henry Tozer (1602-1650) was a noted theologian, and puritan preacher of the Gospel. He was invited to sit on the Westminster Assembly, but declined in order to preach regularly to the king at Oxford.

When Christians participate in the Lord’s Supper, which is no ordinary supper, they are partaking of the means of grace. When they take of the bread, they ought to remember and believe that the body of the Lord Jesus Christ was given for a complete remission of all their sins. When they take of the cup, they are to remember and believe that the precious blood of the Lord Jesus Christ was shed for a complete remission of all their sins. And then, they must never believe that they have done their duty when they have merely received the Lord’s Supper. It would signify but little, if after preparing for the supper, examining themselves in light of the supper, receiving the supper, and going their way after the supper, that they do not cast away all sin. To cast off sin, is both a preparative for the Lord’s Supper, and must be its consequence, as Tozer faithfully shows.

Tozer guides the reader in understanding the meaning of the supper as a sacrament, how to prepare for the supper, what examination looks like in light of the supper, what to examine before taking the supper (our knowledge, repentance, faith, and love), what to consider about Christ during the supper, and how to practice and live before the face of Christ after we have partaken of the supper.

The subject of this work is not a matter of human learning, but of God’s service. Though grace once conferred cannot be lost, yet our assurance often lacks strengthening by reason of our manifold temptations. Against these we are comforted by the remembrance of Christ’s death and passion. His supper teaches us that we stand daily in need of food and strengthening, and so we often receive the supper of the Lord, that our souls may be nourished to life everlasting.

This work is not a scan or facsimile, has been carefully transcribed by hand being made easy to read in modern English, and has an active table of contents for electronic versions.

Table of Contents
A Primer on the Supper by C. Matthew McMahon
Meet Henry Tozer by C. Matthew McMahon
Chapter 1: What a Sacrament is and How Many there Are
Chapter 2: What is the Lord’s Supper?
Chapter 3: The Necessity of Receiving the Lord’s Supper
Chapter 4: The Necessity of Preparation
Chapter 5: Concerning Examination in General
Chapter 6: The Examination of Our Knowledge
Chapter 7: The Examination of Our Repentance
Chapter 8: The Examination of Our Faith
Chapter 9: The Examination of Our Love
Chapter 10: Of Premeditation and Prayer
Chapter 11: Meditation at the Lord’s Table
Chapter 12: Of Practice

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