A Glimpse of God’s Glory – Thomas Hodges (1600-1672)


This rare puritan work deals solely with the way Christians should think about the glory of God. God should be thought of as high, lofty and glorious. Study along with Hodges to get a glimpse of God’s glory.


A Glimpse of God’s Glory – Thomas Hodges (1600-1672).

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Thomas Hodges (1600-1672) was a fiery puritan, a Covenanter, a dedicated minister of the Gospel and an active member of the Westminster Assembly.

There are not many theological books which give themselves completely over to the topic of, “the glory of God.” This work by Hodges is a rarity. Hodges’ entire work surrounds the glory of God, and how the glory of God relates to Christians, ministers and magistrates.

What is the glory of God? Hodges explains this most important doctrine from Psalm 113:5-6, “Who is like unto the Lord our God…” The glory of God is the end to which the promotion of holiness, and the production of happiness, and all other ends are subordinate. He shows that it is the Christians duty to behold this God, and dwell in him, to find him whose glory is so great, and does not change.

Hodges’ work is written to be a cure to your soul to remind you how important it is that God is to be glorified every minute of every day of your life, and into eternity. In this, Christians may attain to a clear, life-altering glimpse of God’s true glory.

(This work is not a scan or facsimile, has been carefully transcribed by hand being made easy to read in modern English, and has an active table of contents for electronic versions.)