The Precious Seeds of Reformation – by Humphrey Hardwicke (n.d.)


How willing are you to be used of God for the work of Reformation? Is reforming the church precious to you? Such work is hard, and often in the midst of being hated and ridiculed, even by complacent Christians in the church. In this rare puritan work, Hardwicke explains how our sowing in tears will ultimately, in God’s timing, be filled with reaping in joy. We are not to live in doubt of God’s work of providence for the good of his people!


The Precious Seeds of Reformation
by Humphrey Hardwicke (n.d.)

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Humphrey Hardwicke (n.d.) was a learned Westminster Divine, exemplary in his piety, and a great but persecuted Reformed preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

In this rare volume is Humphrey Hardwicke’s existing works. His first sermon was preached in his own day as, “The Difficulty of Zion’s Deliverance and Reformation.” It is taken from Psalm 126:5-6 where we find sowing in tears, but reaping in joy. Hardwicke’s explanation of this is nothing less than spiritually uplifting concerning what this means in relation to sowing the precious seeds of reformation in the church. Do we truly desire to see the church Reformed once again, and a new vigor of power infused into it to preach Christ to a dying world? Without heeding Hardwicke’s exhortation, and hearing his masterful picture of what the church ought to be “up and doing” before God, there will be no sowing and no reaping a new Reformation for today’s church.

In the second half of the work we find, “The Saint’s Gain by Death,” and what it means to be assured of salvation from 2 Corinthians 5:1. The Christian is not to live in doubt, but in full assurance of faith, knowing we have a heavenly home which was made by God waiting for those he has saved. In this life our travail is frail, transitory, and perishing. In the life to come, it is blessed and eternal in the heavens. With certainty, Hardwicke explains that every converted heart and careful soul may and ought to be assured, that when his body shall be dissolved, his soul shall have a happy dwelling with God in heaven.

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