The Practice of Piety: Amplified with Notes by the Author – by Lewis Bayly (1565-1631)


This is one of the best devotional books ever written covering all of the Christian walk. A Puritan classic.


The Practice of Piety: Amplified with Notes by the Author, by Lewis Bayly (1565-1631)

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This work by Lewis Bayly, originally written and published in 1611, has been republished dozens of times. It was one of the most popular devotional manuals of the 17th century, or for that matter, of any age. This “manual” demonstrates how the Christian may walk in a manner worthy of the high calling Christ Jesus has called them to – holiness and PIETY. Bayly masterfully teaches the Christian how to live as a Christian, and to love God with all of his heart, soul, mind and strength. At the same time, he exhorts the unconverted to look upon Jesus Christ, the One that ought to be their great INTEREST.

Many editions in the last decade have been published from a faulty version of the 19th century publication. Those editions did not completely update all the errors and grammatical problems. This edition has focused on updating that work with proper Scriptural proofs and punctuation that have been otherwise left incorrectly published, including all the notes by the author that were added for further clarification.

This is not a scan or facsimile.