The Church’s Need of Jesus Christ – by Thomas Valentine (1586-1665)

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What will it be like when Christian’s see Christ face to face in heaven for all eternity? The church has a great need to desire more of Jesus Christ in patience, hope and zeal. This is an outstanding and rare work by a member of the Westminster Assembly.


The Church’s Need of Jesus Christ, by Thomas Valentine (1586-1665)

A rare work by a puritan divine with great preaching power and conviction. His section on the beatific vision is worth the cost of the volume alone. – McMahon

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Thomas Valentine (1586-1665) was a popular puritan preacher and a devoted divine of the Westminster Assembly.

This volume by Thomas Valentine comprises all his surviving but rare works. Valentine is a plain and direct preacher of Christ’s Gospel, demonstrating the common theme that the church needs Jesus Christ. They need his salvation, eternal delight, patience, hope and friendly counsel.

There are three topics contained in this volume: “The Need to Come to Christ” (from John 5:40), “The Need for Patience and Hope in Christ” (from Zephaniah 3:8), and “The Need of Christ’s Wholesome Advice” (from Revelation 3:18). Though there are three topics, Valentine amalgamates these themes to one end – the need the church has of their Savior Jesus Christ.

Valentine spends a considerable time on the doctrine of the beatific vision – that the sinner saved by grace will live forever in heaven beholding the face of God in Jesus Christ in eternal delight. This portion of the book is worth reading in and of itself.

The Christian reader would do well to study this work with care and thoughtfulness. Valentine assuredly brings the reader closer to Jesus Christ, showing clearly his work, his salvation, his office, his providence, his graces, his advice, his counsel, his beauty and his love for his people. So much is packed into this volume. He clearly sets forth the wide array of God’s nature and works in demonstrating to the church of Jesus Christ their need of the Savior for life and godliness.

This work is not a scan or facsimile, has been carefully transcribed by hand being made easy to read in modern English, and has an active table of contents for electronic versions.