The Christian’s Troubles and Deliverance by God – by Thomas Mockett (or Mocket) (1602-1670)


What do you do when your husband or wife dies unexpectedly? When you lose your job of 20 years? When you are thrust into a trial or difficulty and know God has orchestrated its every point? Do you focus on God, or the trial at hand? Mockett touches the lives of every Christian with this work, showing how God not only brings us into trials and difficulties, but also orders its deliverance. This is an extremely practical work for the daily life of the believer.


The Christian’s Troubles and Deliverance by God by Thomas Mockett (or Mocket) (1602-1670)

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Thomas Mockett (or Mocket) (1602-1670), was a studious theologian, Reformed preacher of the Gospel, and scholarly puritan divine during the era of Westminster. Edmund Calamy describes him as, “a very pious, and humble man.”

Mockett has taken the twofold instance of Abraham’s trouble and deliverance by God, and applies this pastorally to the Christian walk. He shows through the historical narrative of Abraham’s testing, that God does bring his people into trouble, and will deliver them. He gives a number of reasons why God brings his people into trouble, and what the Christian duty is while under such testing or proving. He dissects the nature of Christian trouble masterfully: that such afflictions and trials are light and short, momentary in the great scheme of redemption and our salvation; and that they are a means by which Christians are made fit for mercy. God prepares his vessels by a refining fire to make them fit to hold his grace, peace and mercy for our good. Mockett demonstrates the true reality that God will rescue his people from such troubles, in his time and providence, and shows why he rescues them: to vindicate his people from their enemies, and to manifest his glorious attributes of knowledge, power, truth, faithfulness, and goodness.

Mockett has taken an historically and theologically packed section of the Bible in Genesis and masterfully, deeply and encouragingly applied that to today’s believer. This work is among the best of his expositions because Mockett felt this topic was a regular course found in the Christian’s daily walk.

This is not a scan or facsimile, has been updated in modern English for easy reading and has an active table of contents for electronic versions.