The Christian’s Duty to Reject Christmas – Thomas Mockett (or Mocket) (1602-1670)


Is Jesus the “Reason for the Christmas Season?” No. As a matter of fact, we have no warrant in the Word of God to reclaim Christmas for Jesus Christ. Thomas Mockett uses biblical precision in rescuing the Regulative Principle from our sinful desires to reclaim the Christmas holiday, and shows sincere Christians what God requires in true worship.


The Christian’s Duty to Reject Christmas by Thomas Mockett (or Mocket) (1602-1670)

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Thomas Mockett (or Mocket) (1602-1670), was a studious theologian, Reformed preacher of the Gospel, and scholarly puritan divine during the era of Westminster. Edmund Calamy describes him as, “a very pious, and humble man.”

Mockett’s argument in this work is directed to well-meaning Christians who are defiling the Regulative Principle – that God alone determines the manner and time in which sinners are to approach him. Writing against the, “observation of Christ’s nativity,” Mockett shows the Christian how he is to reject, whole-heartily, adding Christ into Christmas as a religious or worship observance.

Mr. Mockett is not going to deal with taking Christ out of Christmas. Instead, he is going to painstakingly demonstrate the ill-use of trying to reclaim Christ for Christmas as an unholy venture. He will show that it is a detestable, sinful practice to put Christ back into Christmas since men have no warrant from God to do so. Though they do this in pretense of honoring Christ in a day of worship, and do so with a sincere heart, as Mockett shows, “Good intentions and well meanings cannot justify any unwarrantable practice.”

Mockett’s treatment of this issue is clear and well documented. The student of Scripture and historical theology cannot but come away with believing that reclaiming Christ in Christmas is truly a violation of God’s word, and a sinful practice which has harmed the church throughout its history.

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