The Christian’s Combat Against the Devil (Audio Book) – by Christopher Love (1618-1651)


Are you ready for battle? In the evil day will you stand firm? Do you have on the whole armor of God? What is your strategy for spiritual warfare? Listen to Mr. Love’s excellent treatise in MP3 format.


The Christian’s Combat Against the Devil (Audio Book) – by Christopher Love (1618-1651) read by C. Matthew McMahon

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Christopher Love (1618-1651) was a fiery and practical Puritan preacher. His works consist of some of the best written and preached biblical expositions in the English language.

How does the Christian overcome sinful temptations, and fight successfully against the kingdom of darkness lead by the Devil himself? In this work on Ephesians 6:13-17, Christopher Love explains how the armor of God gives the reader a stratagem to wage war against the Devil and his darkness. Love shows the nature, power, and cunning deceit of Satan, the great enemy of our salvation, and subsequently demonstrates the means by which every good Christian may withstand his dreadful assaults.

Love explains that Jesus Christ requires every Christian to be violent in their besiege against the Prince of this world, and how, once one is enlisted in Christ’s army, there is no retreat. Yet, one cannot be righteously violent for God in spiritual warfare unless they know the weapons of their warfare, which are not earthly, but spiritual. Love will show Christians what those weapons are, and how to use them effectively, with the quintessence of the crown of prayer, to obtain a hearty defense against the assaults of the Devil.

Christians must be prepared and aware of the devices of Satan, lest he should gain an advantage over them: for they cannot be ignorant of his devices.

Each chapter is an MP3 file, which are all zipped in one file and ready for download.